What’s Gotten Into You?

September 24, 2009 at 4:14 pm Leave a comment

Children often ask me how I got into writing? My honest response is “I didn’t, it got into me!” They may pause for a moment, pondering my response, until I ask them with rambunctious energy “what’s gotten into you?” That’s when they bubble over with carbonated excitement and cannot wait to share their passions with me. From soccer to star-gazing, computers to cars, acting to animals, ballet to basketball, kids are proud of their passions. And quite frankly writing may not show up on their list. However I have found that getting kids to write about something they love empowers children to write confidently, joyfully and from their hearts.

Invited writing, or more affectionately known as “the assignment,” (R.S.V.P. not optional) proves to be more challenging than Inspired writing which arrives at our emotional doorstep with  opportunity feverishly knocking.  For most children and those young at heart, inspired writing will show up like an unexpected visitor and overcome us wildly. It is in that moment that we are driven to express ourselves about an experience that has left an impact on us or changed us in some significant way. It’s as if we have no other choice than to share this experience or we may just burst. Children are naturally uninhibited and inclined to express their inspirations in a variety of ways so why not seize the moment and provide a clean piece of paper and a sharpened pencil to a child, encouraging them to begin the writing process.

When writing is introduced in a meaningful and fun way, it can be a priceless gift we can give our children. Emphasizing the process rather than the outcome, the journey rather than the destination will boost a child’s confidence while cultivating a love for written expression. Releasing emotions onto the pages of a  journal that no one ever has to see is liberating. Writing a letter of appreciation to someone special is a wonderful way to express gratitude. Creating a story that flows effortlessly from ones heart and soul and fills the pages of a prospective book is beyond description.

I will admit that over the years I have attempted to recreate my personal wheel, but have learned that I am happiest when I just pump some fresh air into my existing tires. The main thing is to keep riding on my authentic  path~ in my case the path that is “write” for me. And when  it comes to empowering kids, about writing or any of their countless other passions, children need to spend less time worrying about how to get into something and more time doing what’s gotten into them. “What’s gotten into you?”


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