Love Is In the Air

September 30, 2009 at 6:47 pm Leave a comment

From time to time, relationships may hit some proverbial air pockets and cause temporary turbulence. With complaints of  “he’s got baggage” and “she’s got baggage,”  I usually try to apply the “let’s learn to live out of the same suitcase” rule. But if you ever need an emotional pick-me-up, just take a “trip” to the airport. Not to watch the airplanes take off and land, but to be on the observation deck at the departure area where you can witness love take flight.

Recently my husband was flying home from a business trip and suggested I pick him up at the airport at Departures instead of Arrivals since all he had with him was a carry-on bag and his briefcase. As I parallel parked at the airport terminal, eagerly awaiting my husband’s arrival, I  felt as though I was suddenly catapulted into a drive-in movie theatre watching the world’s most romantic, real life movie minus the popcorn.

As cars pulled up all around me to deliver loved ones to the airport at a frantic pace, I watched the mayhem as trunks popped open, car doors went ajar and people of all ages, diverse backgrounds and in a variety of relationships scurried out to unload their suitcases and gather their belongings. Then all of a sudden, as if everyone realized what was unfolding, the hustle and bustle came to a defining halt. And that is when the magic began.

As if moving in slow motion, people became locked in embraces that revealed far more than words can express. It made my heart swell. Couples exchanged tender kisses that spoke volumes about the connection between the two people engaged in the moment. It tugged at my heart strings. Adult children were bidding farewell to elderly parents while crocodile tears flowed down their cheeks. I wanted to be the tissue fairy. Then there was a college student who seemed so excited to begin his journey of independence while his parents appeared reluctant to let him go. I bet they were already counting down the days until “parents weekend.” I wanted to scream to their son, “don’t go!”

As family members, friends, spouses and romantic couples waved good bye to one another, I could sense the separation induced sadness. Yet the optimist in me hoped for and imagined their eventual amazing reunions. These were perfect strangers to me and yet there was something profoundly familiar about their affection. It was universal, heartfelt, and infectious. For the moment I was living vicariously through these scenarios.

Love may not conquer all but it sure puts you in the best frame of mind to take on the world. It makes you appreciate that the human heart in all its strength can also cause the knees to go weak. It reminds us to celebrate that “presence” not “absence” should make the heart grow fonder.  As my husband walked through the automatic doors I couldn’t have been happier that I was on the receiving end.  He was a sight for sore eyes. I welcomed him home with a tender kiss and tight embrace and he welcomed my welcome. “Love is in the air” I stated. “And on the ground” he responded. That evening in departures, our moment had arrived!


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