The Weight is Over

December 14, 2012 at 1:43 pm 2 comments

As I bring in the new year, I will also be celebrating my one year anniversary of starting my weight loss program. Okay, I admit that I “weighted” until after the holidays and was feasting on everything that was not nailed down. And I had every reason to celebrate and eat to my hearts desire. After all, aren’t the holidays the perfect time to meet friends for coffee, take mom to lunch, go out to dinner with the kids and stop by the local ice cream shop to top off the day with just the right dessert? Repeat! Confession: that could be any given day in my 365 day calendar. 

As 2011 was becoming a reflection, a proverbial look in the rear view mirror, my rear view made quite the appearance. While celebrating the highs of my first  half century, my blood  pressure and cholesterol reading reached an all time high. While eating from the smorgasbord of life, I was working the buffet like it was nobody’s business (and it wasn’t.) I didn’t have a weight problem, I had an eating problem. To boot, I was in a highly stressful job. Didn’t I deserve to feed my face? Or was I feeding my emotionally starved self? 

Justification was my mantra. “I am 50, my metabolism has slowed down, I’m menopausal, and my medication causes weight gain and increased appetite. This is as good as it gets.” But it was more serious than I was willing to admit. My health was being threatened and my family became concerned. I appreciated their concern and knew that I  had to pump the brakes on my negative self-talk, carefree attitude, and lack of discipline. But somehow their concern became an added pressure and as a result I ate more.

The sounds of the siren on the ambulance that delivered me to emergency room with skyrocketing blood pressure and borderline Diabetes, was my true wake up call. There was no hitting the snooze button on the alarm this time. And though I maintained my sense of humor through it all, seeing my kids expressions from my hospital bed, was no laughing matter.

As the ball dropped in Time Square on January 1st, 2012,  the axe was lowered on my unhealthy lifestyle. My  husband Rich and I adopted a healthy eating plan, an exercise regime and a commitment to evolve into the  healthiest version of ourselves. Three Inspirations ~ Richie, Kevin and Katie.  Doing it together was the key to our success. Attending group sessions, sharing experiences, recipes, food items and “dishing” about life is how we climbed the rungs on the ladder toward our goals. Having my husband partner with me on this joint venture was just what the Doctor ordered!  Who would have imagined that going  grocery shopping together to choose our food for the week would take on a new meaning. Quality time in the produce section?  

And to my greatest delight (and surprise,) I was able to lose my age in pounds. Twenty-nine? Who am I kidding!  It took around six months of patience, healthy food choices, savoring the flavoring, dancing more, jogging with Lyla, my son Richie’s Labrador, parking further and walking further, and feeding myself with positive affirmations! I now give myself a pat on the back (even if I eat a pat of butter.)  Instead of beating myself up, I beat up egg whites and drizzle them with delicious cheese. I visit the salad bar and have a glass of wine at the sports bar. Less is more~I ask for a to-go container when I order at restaurants and put half my food away for another meal.  And yes, I enjoy desserts. 

We can have our cake and eat it too. Just make sure if you have a sliver or a big slice, exercise more to balance out your routine. Or get back on track the very next day. If you want to take it off, don’t put it off. If you want to maintain, refrain. But don’t deny yourself. Life is about celebrating. Every culture has food at the heart of those celebrations. Like the scale of life, balance is the ultimate goal. And where there’s a will there’s a weigh!  Happy, Healthy New Year to You and Yours!

A big shout out to the special members of “The Weight is Over” Club in Boynton Beach, Florida! You all inspire me!


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  • 1. Cynthia Mediate  |  December 14, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    So happy for you Jayne!! We need you in this world for a long, long, long time!!!

  • 2. Dale Eisenshtat  |  December 15, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Well done my “little” sister. You are an inspiration! Can’t wait to see all you accomplish in 2013! So proud of you and love you so much!


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