It’s In The Cards

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It's In The Cards

The moment Adele entered her new independent living quarters she was greeted and warmly welcomed by many a resident. Her friendly, shall we say assertive, new neighbors raced to her side with one burning question: “Do you play cards?”

While she’s the first to admit that her shuffle may have slowed down a bit, we can all boast that Adele’s still got game! But finding the time to join all the games and activities offered on a weekly basis, Adele wondered if that was in the cards.

Growing up my parents, Adele and Bobby, taught us every card game imaginable. But by far our favorite, our children’s favorite and now our children’s friend’s favorite, is none other than Crazy 8’s! There is something magical about playing Crazy 8’s. From setting up, to keeping score, to the sound of popcorn popping, to the taste of buttery popcorn, right down to the buttery residue transferred onto the cards themselves. It was even a blast arguing about those Crazy Rules including the ever-so-famous “Poppy’s Rule,” where you cannot place an 8 on an 8! What a game-changer that can be. The competition, conversation, laughter and time spent together during this family tradition, makes Crazy 8’s a game we’d be crazy to pass up. And so we never will.

But for Adele, there are so many choices in the games people play. There is the popular Canasta. Do you need to cross a “Bridge” to get to that card game? And what about Baccarat? Didn’t he compose “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” or was that Burt Bacharach? Now when it comes to Black Jack, Adele’s all aces and faces! She even has a little zippered bag filled with what she calls her “mad money.” Personally, if that’s all I had to bet with, you can bet I’d be mad too!

Some days our mom loves the company of others and dealing with the card game socialites. Other days she’s thrilled to play solitaire in solitary refinement. We are most grateful that Adele is playing with a full deck. In fact, just invite Adele into a game of Gin. She will be the first to arrive at happy hour, which is just about all the time when you’re hanging around Adele. She just can’t help but make you feel happy!

Stay tuned for more adventures of Adele’s New Life ~ Who Knew?


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Adele’s New Life ~ Who Knew? What is Happy?

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