Entrepreneurship ~ Be the Captain of Your Own Boat

April 12, 2015 at 11:06 pm 3 comments

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind ~ adjust your sails.”  H. Jackson Brown

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I am always excited when I meet an entrepreneur. I recently met Susan Costanza from Sleeves 2 Go! Now it’s true that I’ve worn a lot of hats, but sleeves, that’s another story! Okay, so I’ll make it this story.

Who knew that a nail salon could be the venue for a serendipitous meeting? One minute it’s mani’s and pedi’s, next it’s fashion accessories. I’ve always said “you never know when opportunity is going to knock, so when it does, make sure you can see clearly out your peephole.” Fast forward a week and I’m modeling, marketing and merchandising for Sleeves 2 Go! Last week I’m soaking my feet, today I’m soaking the blisters on my feet from wearing gorgeous, apparently too high heels on the runway at a very fashionable fashion show.

For my loyal readers (and I thank you for your loyalty,) and those first timers reading my blog, here is a not so new newsflash: I am a very passionate person when I truly believe in something. And while Susan designed Sleeves 2 Go several years ago, she did so with me in mind and countless women who prefer or require a sleeve for work, worship, casual or dressy events and everyday style. “Thank you Susan! Where have you been all my adult life?”

“When I donned your shrug and detachable sleeves, transforming my sleeveless tops and dresses, I felt stunning. Thank you for putting your sweat and tears into this endeavor so that I could look and feel cooler.”

Connecting with Susan was chance at work. Becoming friends, an easy choice. Her warm, honest, humble and caring personality is her winning combination. Her intelligent and sharp acumen along with her entrepreneurial spirit is what drove her to create Sleeves 2 Go. As a fashion show coordinator and clothing guru for more than twenty five years, Susan listened to her clientele when they observed that some of the greatest fashions were sleeveless and “off limits” for those self-conscious about exposure. Enter Sleeves 2 Go! Women can now have the outfit they want and wear it as if it was designed for them.

While the word entrepreneur takes a degree of sophistication to articulate, did you know the definition of the word is quite simply explained as one who undertakes? (1875-80; < French.)     While the entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a generator of new ideas and business processes, entrepreneurs are greatly respected as leaders willing to take risk and exercise initiative, taking advantage of market opportunities by planning, organizing, and employing resources. When I consider Susan and this special group of people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, the attributes that immediately come to mind are creative, fearless, imaginative, inventive, perceptive, and tuned-in. Most of our successful entrepreneurs embody the principles that matter most ~ empathy, initiative, vision and integrity. They see a challenge and provide a solution. They discover a need and deliver a way to fill that need.

So while I admire entrepreneurship and those who seek to improve our lives by making their mark, I believe we all have an entrepreneur living inside of us. Imagine life as a proverbial marathon. The marathon begins with simply lacing up your sneakers. Next you’ve got to train hard by putting in the miles. Now the really courageous part is showing up at the starting line. While we can envision the finish line, we know that there are many grueling steps along the way. Add perspiration, perseverance and patience. When the finish line is within reach, cross it with pride, celebrate the distance not the speed, and most importantly… begin again! 

Whichever course you set your feet upon, make sure your heart leads the way. I wish you great success in your human race.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” George Addair



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    From Marcy Daniels ~ “You are an amazingly talented writer!!”

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      Thank You for reading and taking the time to email me your comment. It means a great deal Marcy! I aim to inspire, empower and create laughter through my writing. Hope it worked its magic on you:)


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