How I Hit The Mother Lode

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“When I grow up I want to be…” Growing up, I never needed a crystal ball to know what was crystal clear to me. Being the baby of my family (once a baby ~ always a baby,) I was showered with love, affection and attention. So it’s no surprise that when I grew up I would live out my dream of becoming a Mommy, dote on my own children and make them the center of my world. After all, it’s a family tradition, in my genes and in our DNA (Do Not Argue) with your mother!

So on this Mother’s Day and everyday of the year, I am grateful to my mommy, the famous Adorable Adele to many, I Love Lucy to us and Insta~Grammy 10 to her ten grandchildren. While it completely takes two~to~ tango, my daddy and my mom take first prize on dancing with the “stars.” That’s because they loved us to the “moon” and back. Fortunate for my siblings and me, it’s a priceless trait they have passed down to the four of us!

While it is known that living in a State of Happiness is strongly determined by knowing your purpose in life, I got my true calling when I was 26-years-old. Overjoyed when the phone rang, I picked up on the first ring to hear a baby boy giggling and saying “mama.” Richie entered our world and it’s as if I took my first breath for the very first time. A couple of years later my phone rang again. It was a baby boy curious with the world around him and always asking “why and how?” Kevin entered our world and it’s as if his blood immediately ran through my own veins. The third call came just shy of three years later and it’s as if we all rushed to pick up the phone together. It was Katie, our baby girl squealing with excitement and ready to take on the world and her big brothers single handedly. I believe her first word was “dada” and a daddy’s girl she remains. All of our hearts are a flutter and bursting with love. Motherhood ~ my calling! Mother Lode ~ my children. Oh and of course, instructions ~ not included!

So on Mother’s Day, I thank my lucky stars, my own mother (and father) for living by example, for my husband Rich (my BFFL ~ Best Father for Life,) who joined me on this journey we call parenthood, and for our Richie, Kevin and Katie. We were given three wishes and they all came true!

As I celebrate my blessings every single day, I have come to realize that my daughter frequently switches roles with me and is becoming my “other mother,” maternal, loving, compassionate, wise and perceptive in ways beyond her years. My sons have learned patience, concern, empathy and compassion and will be extraordinary fathers one day ~ just like their dad. And while we may find ourselves repeating the same exact phrases of our parents (the phrases we swore we would never repeat,) one day our children too will instinctively carry out the many things we have taught them. Therefore I remind myself to always be a transPARENT parent, lead by example, admit my shortcomings, apologize often, and listen without judgement. Remember, “if it’s not one thing… it’s your mother!” Happy Mother’s Day ~ Everyday 🙂


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